A Tapestry of Talents!

The Guilds are specialized groups, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the institute’s well-being. From the nurturing of the land to the fulfillment of human needs, each Guild plays a crucial role in the harmonious functioning of the High Desert Institute.

These are essentially discord channels and groups you can join in order to work on projects and initiatives related to specific topics. Here’s a glimpse into our mystical and dynamic Guilds:


artificers guild

Artificers’ Guild

Builders and creators, artificers shape the physical world, crafting shelters that blend with the desert’s beauty.

Current Initiatives Include:


lorekeepers guild

Lorekeepers’ Guild

Custodians of knowledge, Lorekeepers preserve the wisdom of the ages and foster the exchange of ideas.

Current Initiatives Include:


pyromancers guild

Pyromancers’ Guild

Masters of fire, Pyromancers ensure warmth and energy, turning the desert chill into a cozy embrace. Boredom with titles like “fire queen” or “fire tender” is what originally inspired the guilds!


astromancers guild

Astromancers’ Guild

Exploring the cosmos through advanced radio astronomy and gravity wave research, Astromancers seeking to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Current Initiatives Include:


frontier fusion guild

Frontier Fusion Guild

Delving into the fundamental building blocks of reality, the Frontier Fusion Guild conducts high-energy particle physics experiments, including groundbreaking nuclear fusion research.

Current Initiatives Include:


gastronomers guild

Gastronomers’ Guild

Guardians of nourishment, Gastronomers work with the earth to bring forth bountiful harvests, sustaining our community.


hydromancers guild

Hydromancers’ Guild

Stewards of water, Hydromancers conjure fresh water from thin air and channel the precious resource, ensuring life flourishes in the arid expanse.


elixirists guild

Elixerists’ Guild

Healers and herbalists, Elixirists harness the power of nature to maintain the health and balance of our community.

Current Initiatives Include:


energimancers guild

Energimancers’ Guild

Innovators of power, Energimancers harness renewable energies, lighting our path to a sustainable future.

Current initiatives include:


faunamancers guild

Faunamancers’ Guild

Companions to animals, Faunamancers ensure harmony between our community and the desert’s fauna.


floramancers guild

Floramancers’ Guild

Tenders of flora, Floramancers cultivate beauty and biodiversity, enriching our desert institute.


pathfinders guild

Pathfinders’ Guild

In order to ensuring the High Desert Institute is safely accessible for all, Pathfinders create, maintain, and illuminate all roads and pathways.


fundweavers guild

Fundweavers’ Guild

Specializing in weaving together resources and opportunities, Fundweavers expertly navigate the realms of grant applications and other forms of fundraising to support and sustain the institute’s endeavors.