Currently Approved Projects

The High Desert Institute board of directors has approved the following project proposals to move forward at the conclusion of our current fundraising push. You can support these projects by donating to the high desert institute so we can make these and other projects a reality!

How To Get Involved

Land projects of the High Desert Institute will have a project-focus. HDI will sponsor guest researchers to conduct vital research and development on sustainable, off-grid infrastructure and housing which is affordable and accessible. All of this research will be completely free and open source for everyone in the world.

guest researcher

The Goal

The goal of the HDI Guest Researcher Program is to bring together lessons about appropriate technologies and publish all of this research for free, as part of a vast library of free open-source knowledge for how to live off-grid well.

Why the Project and Research Focus?

The High Desert Institute is focused on project-based research and development. This means that our research focuses on practical, real-world solutions to the challenges of living off-grid. We want to create tangible, sustainable solutions to the needs of off-grid communities, and our research and development efforts are focused on this goal.

The High Desert Institute believes there is a need to research and develop the most up-to-date solutions for off-grid infrastructure and housing. In order for communities of the future to thrive, they must have access to the most advanced and sustainable technology available.

Who is Eligible?

The HDI Guest Researcher Program is open to promising and experienced scientists, engineers, and other professionals who are researching and developing solutions for off-grid infrastructure and housing. Proposals should include a description of the proposed research project, a timeline for completion, and a budget for the project.

How to Apply?

In order to apply for the program, individuals must submit an application including a project proposal. The application should provide an overview of the applicant’s experience and goals for the proposed research project. The project proposal should include a description of the proposed research project, a timeline for completion, and a budget for the project.

What is the Process?

In order to ensure the highest quality research, all applications are reviewed by a committee of experts. Once the committee has approved a potential application, the individual will be invited to interview with the HDI board of directors in order to discuss the project in more detail and evaluate the potential of the proposed research.

What is the Benefit?

The HDI Guest Researcher Program provides an opportunity for scientists, engineers, and other types of subject-matter experts to conduct research and development in the area of off-grid infrastructure and housing. All of this research work will contribute enormous value to the vast open-source library we will be publishing.

Apply Now

Click here to submit your application to conduct guest research at The High Desert Institute.