We want to be as completely transparent and open-source as possible so that anyone and everyone can copy everything we are doing.

We are starting out with a fiscal sponsor; a type of nonprofit partner that specializes in helping people start their own nonprofits. This means we can fundraise as a nonprofit immediately, while still going through the long and complicated process of creating the new HDI nonprofit which will eventually own the land projects and programs.

We hope to start the process of incorporating our own nonprofit by the end of 2023. This process can take up to a year, so it will be the biggest limiting factor in terms of how fast we can move with launching our bricks and mortar programs.

Our goal is to fundraise and buy land by the Summer of 2024. Then the approved guest researchers will be able to come and build their special projects.

We hope to launch a version of the library before that, with a lot of curation help from open source artificial intelligence.

Every aspect of this process will be documented in detail both on the website and on social media in order to empower others do do all that we are doing on their own.

solarpunk ecovillage

Please Give What You Can!

Every dollar makes a difference. During one of our recent land projects in Tennessee, Pirate’s Cove, we were able to fundraise and buy dozens of acres on a lake in Tennessee and build a free community for whoever wants to live there. The average donation for this project was under ten dollars, so please know that every dollar really does count.

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