The Djedi Order is the only LGBTQIA+ religious organization recognized as a church by the IRS and the Federal Court System.


  1. Djedi Order: The branch for Pagans, Spiritualists, Humanists, Atheists, and Agnostics.
  2. Out Proud: A secular branch for Atheists.
  3. Church of Prismatic Light: The branch for deconstructing Christians and Christians who have disavowed the patriarchy.

A huge part of the mission and vision of the Djedi Order is to sue to protect the civil rights of people across the country who face unjust religious persecution.

In the theme of the temple at Burning Man, the vision for this proposal is to create a non-proselytizing, spiritual, meditative space that’s focused on educating people about the importance of respecting other people’s rights and beliefs.

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