The Lodge embodies the entire mission of the organization in a single central structure, echoing out in all the projects. The central pavilion or lodge is a structure providing a shared public space where visitors can take refuge from the elements and enjoy a shared kitchen and resting space safe from the harsh summer heat or bitter winter cold.

AI Illustration

For all the land projects we’ve done in the past, and all the spaces that have inspired us to build these kinds of spaces, the first thing on the To-Do list is to build a shared central structure where people come together to eat and take refuge from the harsh elements. Winters at the Grand Canyon are cold, while Summers are hot. In both cases, a central lodge structure provides researchers and visitors a safe place to eat, gather, rest, and conduct their work.

Everything else we are doing, every other aspect of the mission and vision emanates from the concept and vision of this central structure in the space.